Bushy Beauties Natalie.


Bushy Beauties Natalie

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I'm a natural girl all the way. From my feminine curves to the bush between my legs, I like to keep my body the way it's meant to be: full and lush, with no alterations.

I tend to think of my voluptuous figure as being like the rounded curves of a mountain range, and my hairy pussy like a warm, inviting forest that you can get lost in, searching for the sweet streams that flow from the center.

When it comes to sex, it's all about carnal pleasure. I love to take my time turning on a man, tantalizing him with my voice as I press my chubby frame against him until he simply can't help but spread my thick thighs to reveal my perfectly untouched, furry cunt.

I crave a rugged man with earthy passions like my own, someone who will come and plow through my flesh, leaving nothing unexplored and a trail of hot wetness in his wake. Model types may be fun for a while.
No offense to my "sisters" but, sooner or later, that unoriginal plastic perfection can get boring.

When you're ready to experience the real, down-to-Earth, untamed passion of a dirty girl with curves and hair where it really counts, come find me.

1-888-69-BUSHY (1-888-692-8749)