Bushy Beauties Cambria.


Bushy Beauties Cambria

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I'm the kind of girl who loves to mix things up. I change my look all the time to match my mood and I especially like to change things up in the bedroom. Nothing is more boring than to be forced to accept the same thing all the time. I totally get the need for a change of pace and to taste something different from time to time.

Consistency is for spaghetti sauce. Sex should never feel the same way every day of the week. I have fun changing myself and my look. One day I'm a preppie in pigtails and the next day I'm one of the stripper girls gone wild. And I can turn on a dime, trust me on that.

So, if you're the kind of guy who likes his girl to surprise you in bed then we will get along fine. I know some women just lie there and moan until they reach their fake orgasm. I don't get it. Are they too shy to say what they want or too bored to even care? Whatever the problem, you won't find it with me. I won't lie to you that way and I sure as hell won't just lie there and fake moan until you're done.

Let me know what mood you're in. Do you want to make love to my angelic coed pussy or fuck my bushy cunt like the whore that I am? Like I said, I can turn on a dime and I want a man that wants to keep up with me.

1-888-69-BUSHY (1-888-692-8749)